The Best Nine -2018

I saw that I posted my Best Nine last year — thought I’d add them here, too. The bright colors are inspiring me to get some projects finished!

Apothecary Bathroom

It’s only been a year (!!) and the downstairs bathroom is almost done! I think it’s been as long since I’ve posted to this blog, as well. Before and After on the bathroom coming soon. And I’ll post some mini projects in between.

And how have YOU been?? 😉

A favorite xmas gift

My husband is the best.  Even when he’s being the worst, he’s the best.  We don’t really do Christmas gifts with each other — we’ve been together a long time, so there’s no need to go nuts, and we’d rather expend the energy, time and money on gifts for our friends and families. 

That said,  the guy is crafty and can still surprise me. I’ve been collecting silhouettes since we moved into the house,  and have a nice little wall collage going.  They’re not as easy to come across as you’d think! I haven’t added to the collection in a while. 

One of my most favorite things,  besides my new nephew,  is the ancient cat who has lived with us the past year and a half.  My dear friend couldn’t keep her,  we became her stewards.

I love this stupid cat so much it kind of makes me glad I never had children.  I think my heart would have burst a million times. 

Enter Creative Husband with an awesome silhouette of our awesome cat, and you had one giddy Larsen on Christmas!!

A photo, a piece of plywood, some craft paint… I  swoon.

The Best Nine

  • I have so many things to catch up on. We have been hard at work on the downstairs bathroom. But I don’t yet feel ready to publish our progress. In the meantime, Instagram helped me by telling me my most popular photos of 2016 so I thought I would share them here. I will have more house updates soon I promise  Thanks for reading!