Thrift Store Desk Makeover

Found this gem at Unique Thift Store while visiting my mom, sister and the cutest nephew on the planet. It was $15!  Yes, it had some mold on the bottom — which I figured I could sand off, and it also had some falling-off laminate — which I figured Chris could fix …



Here’s the before photo…. in front of out still-unfinished baseboards in the dining room .  OOF on all fronts!

Then I painted the whole thing with a glossy Rust-Oleum black paint and the hardware with a small container of gold paint.

The gold paint, black paint and a new paintbrush (all of which I will use again)– was just under $30.  The desk was $15.  Chris’ work on fixing sides was free (with some old plywood and his handy saws) — so I would call this a $50 project (with paint and a great brush left over!) and a new, fun desk….wp-1487654554902.jpg


In a new, cute area to work in ..



Whatever the calendar may say, I’ve got Spring Fever and I’m ready to tackle some projects!

Also gotta shout out to my Buddy who is helping me get this post done (finally)


ooh, and note the needlework piece in the background that I got at the same thrift store as the desk for $4.99!  Also, please note my new pajama pants 🙂


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