A Crafty Tale: Jewelry Station, Part I

In the first of what I’m sure will be a captivating series about a project that has been forming in my mind for two years, but has been put on the back burner. . (oooh we need a kitchen, waaah we have to insulate the attic… It’s one thing after another and meanwhile, my accessories have been languishing!!) I now present the first post about my new jewelry station. I can hear you cheering from here!


This is one of the least expensive, most DIY of my DIY experiments and so far so good! Don’t you.love it when that happens?! I fixed up a chair and table for my vanity. I’m halfway through with the jewelry storage parts. And I’m plotting the little mirror that will hang next to all of it.

So for Part I of the first part of the wall hangings around the vanity… I give you the rough draft of what will (I hope) be a very cute mirror.

The base is  a $1 wood frame from a craft store. I am going to paint it light blue with some leftover paint samples I have in the basement. Then, I’m going to glue a cheap piece of mirror to the back. Once that is all set, I will glue tiles to the front in some configuration like the layout I have here.

The tiles were taken from kitchen backsplash samples that I ordered when I was deciding on kitchen things. I painted some with craft paint, some with glue and glitter, and they all will look lovely in my blue bedroom! Oooh, and with the jewelry organizing things you haven’t even SEEN yet!! Well, stay tuned ūüôā

Happy Third Anniversary!

It’s our third anniversary in our house!

And just as it has for the past 87 Sundays, the sky is dumping snow on us in that taunting way that’s all .. “Oh yeah, you’re nice and cozy now, but tomorrow you will have to slop to work in 6 layers of clothes and snow boots… AGAIN! ¬†Hahahahahaha….. ”



So we got some grocery shopping done early, and are holed up at home, cooking and sewing and catching up on projects.

Chris worked on the third floor yesterday, pulling up the linoleum in his music room area. ¬†Between the linoleum and the floorboards is a layer of newspaper from 1947. ¬†We’ve pulled some of that out already, and most of it is in great shape. Then yesterday, Chris found a couple of color magazines — the Daily News Sunday Magazines from November, 1947. ¬†Mostly ads– but what ads they are!!

So in celebration of this house that I love more every day: a slideshow of amazing newspaper pages from 1947. ¬†Three years in and we’re still having fun and finding fun things!! ¬†Cheers.

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