6 Month Anniversary!

Today is 6 months since we moved into our house.  We have made progress, for sure, but still have a long way to go!  But the old girl is looking better, and it’s a beautiful late-summer day …  To celebrate tonight, I think we will sand some more wood when we get home.  Not a euphemism.

August 29, 2012, 8:30 a.m.

Also … mulch!


DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself)

One thing we are learning is to recognize the projects that are beyond our capabilities.  A major gap in our knowledge is gardening know-how.  I have the opposite of a green thumb and haven’t had to care for a lawn or garden …. ever.  Well, since we had a vegetable garden when I was a kid.

When we moved into the house, there was a small patch of dead-looking plants in front.  Our friend Giles helped us clean it out one weekend in March.


(that’s Giles on the left.  Cynthia and I were busy testing out beverages and Chris was raking the lawn…)

We let it be, roses bloomed, hydrangeas appeared and weeds took over.  It kind of got away from me.  Hey, we were busy stripping paint!


But thanks to the wonderful Brian and wonderful Chris at Hilltop Farms (http://hilltopfarmsmarket.com/) we are getting a makeover!  The front garden will be a pretty, orderly little spot that I will actually be able to take care of!  It currently looks like this:


(the one rose bush was actually two; they will be replanted someplace else, tbd, along with the hydrangeas and the azalea)

“Finished” pictures soon!  Though the real victory will be if I can put photos up NEXT summer that show a well-cared for, neat and orderly garden ….

We are also putting some trees in the back for more privacy along our fence.


We are doing lots of work ourselves, but it feels great to have an expert come in and take over a project.  Having a neat front yard is going to go miles for me — I already feel better about the ba-zillion other projects we have going on!  Stay tuned for more garden photos.

the fireplace …

OK, I can’t resist putting up a couple more photos.  A before and “during” of our fireplace stripping work.  Stay tuned for the “after” photos.  Someday ….   ImageImage

Oh, and to edit…. When Amir saw this room he ran around flailing his little arms crying, “who DID this?!?” as though someone had broken into our house and stolen all our stuff and wrecked the room.  And when I told Cassie to be careful walking up the rickety basement stairs she sighed and shook her head and said, “This is a MESS.”  Children = truthtellers.

Stop and smell the burgers

We’ve been continuing to strip paint off the fireplace, shore up the porch and fend off the critters that want to invade our house.  In the meantime, it’s important to stop and remember why we moved in the first place and how fun it is to have people come visit us.  On Sunday, our dear friends Johnny and Todd and their amazing kids Cassie and Amir stopped by on their way home from an East Coast tour.  They joined my fabulous nieces Lucy and Elly for some football, sidewalk-chalk art drawing and a picnic.  A fun day was had by all.  Now back to work!