The Strange Exchange

Ok, this fun-ness was back at the end of March, but I’m just getting to my post about it now!  And since I’m  working from my phone, I will have to go back and add in some links for the very cool,  very friendly vendors we met. Creative stuff.  Super fun day. I will definitely be back!


The Weird NJ guys were there!


And it was a beautiful day...

The Strange Exchange is part freak-show, part flea market and all authentic Jersey, my much maligned but beloved home state.

Before we even walked in, I knew it would be good,  silly fun… like a classic issue of Weird NJ


Oh, hai!


Oh... hai!!


I love this guy...


The greeter scary clown scared my cute mom!

The theatre was all vendors, selling items that ranged from hand-knit scarves to lovingly taxidermied mice. And, of course… pork roll.



A view of the space


These two are AWESOME!


They make stuff like this...


And this!

It was really hard to not purchase the snake in a jar. But it did inspire me to get the apothecary bathroom started!!


My fabulous husband bought me this fabulous necklace. I love it! I’m going to put it together with my Parkway Token necklace from my sister’s wedding and knock the socks off the rockin’ Jersey charms.


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