A plate of succulents

To interject something pretty into our current bathroom situation..


I made this little plate from favors from my cousin’s beautiful wedding.


The calendar says summer is another week away.  I say… bring it!


Powder Coated Goodness!


Who knew that a person could get so excited about a radiator?? This house is really changing my priorities…. If you would have told me a few years ago that a really fun weekend would involve cleaning out and reorganizing a closet while Chris installed a radiator, I don’t think I would have bought it.

The house is full of amazing radiators, like this one in the upstairs bathroom. Chris found a place nearby that does powder coating, and he brought this guy in for a makeover. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and I’m excited to bring in some others…

It took a lot of wrestling, a million trips up and down the stairs and some milder versions of that scene in A Christmas Story where the Dad works on the boiler, but Chris got it installed and ready for winter!

Bathroom Before & After

upstairs bathroom, view from the tub






upstairs batrhoom, view from the door



I can’t believe I never posted pictures of the bathroom!  Here’s how it’s looking these days.  I love it.  There are all kinds of posts about the steps we took to get here, but it’s been done for a while and I’m finally showing you.  The room is small, so it’s hard to get in there and get photos, but you get the idea. (also, when I say “small” I mean “you could have fit our NYC bathroom in here 3 times, I’m not even kidding)  It’s cheerful and colorful and makes me happy.  And as this winter drags on and on and on … well, a little color and cheer is really all I can ask for.

Here are some more pictures of various angles ….

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Bathroom Cabinet

Designed by Chris and me, executed beautifully by Chris!

The doors are shutters we bought at an antique fair for $20.  The knobs are from Anthropologie.  (Like, who knew I could love a selection of knobs so much!!?  haha, knobs…)

The wood for the cabinet is recycled from the old bathroom cabinet

Et viola!  What do you think?


Bathroom Trim

Not the most exciting of titles, but any step closer to getting the bathroom done is a good step, in my book!  Chris made trim!  The baseboards in the house are tall, so he wanted it to match.  There is a piece of quarter round at the bottom, a piece of plywood above that, and decorative trim on top.  It has all been installed, now just needs to be painted.

Weekend Update: SO productive!!! (with a little more help from our friends …)

When we could tear ourselves away from watching Mamma Bird feed her babies, we worked with our friends Antonia and Anthony (aka Anthonia) on all KINDS of things around the house.  Progress is being made!  The upstairs bathroom is thisclose to being done, and we have used the shower!!!  For anyone who has been to the house, this is a major victory.  We also found time to hit the local farmer’s market, drink margaritas, play a little Mexican Train, visit with our friends Connie and Woody, who stopped by for a quick visit on Saturday,  and wish my Dad Apple a very happy birthday on June 30.  How was your weekend?

Happy Father’s Day!

Although we did not get to spend this beautiful Father’s Day weekend with our dads, we did do dad-like things in that we worked around the yard and the house and watched the U.S. Open.  And we wish them and all dads out there a great Father’s Day!

My transplanted rose bush started popping ….


Mamma Bird was busy again, too – on Saturday, she was up to 3 eggs in the nest!

I'm so in love with the color!

I’m so in love with the color!

Attempting to continue my gardening streak, I cleaned out the containers Jeffrey gave me and re-planted them with some vegetable plants.  I don’ think they will grow in such a small container, but it’s also kind of a test to see if that area of the yard gets enough sunlight to eventually sustain a full garden.


I also spent a few hours digging out the weeds that are overgrowing the curb in the yard.  (the “curb in the yard” being a separate issue that was once a driveway, but will not be used as a driveway by us, so instead is a dividing wall for now…).  The drainage is terrible  from the top of the curb into the flower bed and herb garden, and with all the rain we’ve had lately, a lot of soil got washed away and a lot of new weeds popped up.  For example, above the herb garden was looking like this:

bottom half of photo = all weeds.  Curb = kinds mossy ....

bottom half of photo = all weeds. Curb = kinds mossy ….


I dug out about half the curb and planted some grass seed.  We will see what happens!  The dirt should settle in soon and hopefully we will get some grass along the edge ….

after the weed-digging....

after the weed-digging….


Meanwhile, the Tile Master got half the bathroom floor done!  Not yet grouted, but it’s bold and crazy tile and I’m really excited about it!  (and more bathroom blog posts to follow, obv.)  What do you think?

Modwalls floor tile, gumball pattern, laid by Chris!

Modwalls floor tile, gumball pattern, laid by Chris!


But I think the most exciting Father’s Day news is for the Papa Robin, who is going to have not three, but 4 babies ….  Mamma laid one more egg today!



And how was your weekend?


Bathroom Update II: The Tiling

The tiling has begun!!!  Thanks to the expertise,  borrowed tile cutter and other tools of my father-in-law, as well as the patience and talent of the Amazing Chris, the upstairs bathroom is coming along.  For such a small room, the shower just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger…