Happy First Day of Spring!

So what if it’s currently snowing a little?  The calendar says it’s the first day of spring!

We’re determined to have a bountiful garden this year, and for the first time since I was a kid,  I’m trying to start some things from seed…


We’ve been saving egg cartons for months, and I finally got them all going today!  The seeds are from the fantastic  Hudson Valley Seed Library http://http://www.seedlibrary.org/, which has the prettiest packaging ever…


(they have an open calls for artists every year,  so hey, artists… send in your art!) I think all of these seeds were either gifts or purchased at the fab Country Living Craft Fair, so they also remind me of summer funtimes with friends and family.  Yay!

I’ve planted 2 kinds of lettuce and the Ragged Jack kale, some sage that I plan to repot and give as gifts if it goes well,  and a whole lotta Morning Glories — which I’m really, really hoping take off because a) I’ve got a trellis that is just waiting for something good to climb it and b) when I was little, we grew some Morning Glories that climbed the railings of our front steps and I have very fond memories of how pretty they were and how much fun they were to grow. 


Now,  I’m going to be honest and say that I’m truly confused by the growing instructions on each and every one of these packets. But I figure that humans have been growing plants from seeds for quite some time now,  and some of these humans must have been dumber or less garden-ally inclined than I am.  So I’m giving it an earnest go and hoping for the best. My track record might be spotty, but it’s a whole new season, right? 


Another reason to love weekends  (as if we needed more reasons)… time to cook!  With the chill in the air it seemed like a good day to pull out the slow cooker and make a big ol’ pot of pot roast.  Along with Chris’ amazing home made bread…


…it was, a terrific Sunday night supper.

The bread is Mark Bittman’s classic no-knead/Sullivan St. Bakery recipe,  which you can find on the NY Times website, but I also found this lovely post about it,  which I recommend checking out: http://www.astackofdishes.com/the-famous-ny-times-no-knead-bread/


Final version, ready to serve!

All this productivity aside,  my favorite part of the first day of spring might have been this morning’s delicious rainbow bagel. Carb-tacular!


So cheers to carbs and slow cookers and seedlings and the last of the snow. Happy Spring!


People Who Visit Us: Post #1/ PETER

As previously threatened, I’m starting a new series called People Who Visit Us.  If you’re wondering, YES I am kicking myself for not starting this ages ago!  So that means all the people who have been visiting us since we moved are just gonna have to come back and hang out with us again.  We promise not to make you work too much!!

Each PWVU subject will have to answer the same few questions.  I reserve the right to comment.  I mean, it’s my blog, right?

Hi, Peter!


How do you know the Larsens?  Chinatown gang bang club (since first gang bang)

Describe yourself in three words:  Gang bang enthusiast

(editorial note:  we met at Fordham)

What’s your favorite book?   Soap Opera Digest

What did you eat at the Larsens’?  Really good fajitas (why I’m moving to Peekskill)

(editorial note:  Chris & I also drank margaritas)

Did you win at cornhole? I lost to Chris once in a shut out and beat you because you defaulted by retiring from the match (and I had a significant lead).  In other words, you abandoned my Cornhole just as I was starting to feel good about it.

Did you leave sober, tipsy or shitcanned?  (or did you sleep over) —   Sober.  Get it in writing while you can.

Where are you visiting next?  Cape Cod:  Falmouth, MA


The Larsens’ Turn:
Peter is the best!  He is mega-talented, funny, honest and a true friend.  He is one of those friends where years can pass with a facebook check in here & there, and then you hang out and it’s like no time has passed.  I think we will be friends with Peter forever.



Kitchen bookshelves

Made of Anthropologie brackets, painted boards & overall design & construction by Chris. We recently painted the kitchen blue, and once I get the trim painted and new curtains made, I will post a full before and after of the whole re do!
The kitchen was the first room we fully gutted (and by “we” I mean “our contractor”) and it’s been an amazing space we LOVE and use constantly: cooking, cocktailing, rearranging, planning parties and meals and just enjoying being able to cook complicated recipes without having to put bowls on folding chairs and taping scraps  of magazines to various surfaces to read instructions. We love it! And now my cookbooks have joined the party!

In our teeny nyc apt, everything was up on shelves. None were as nice as these, but they do feel like a cozy nod to our past “style.”

And best of all? I have room to add a few cookbooks to my collection that I’ve put off buying for lack of space. Yay, more stuff!!

What do you think?





Giving Thanks

My, how time flies!  It feels like just yesterday we were carving pumpkins and my nieces were dressed up for Halloween like a couple of cuties from the ’50’s.

pumpkinspink ladies

Now here I am worried about getting all my Christmas shopping done in time for the holidays.  Where does the time go?

In between, of course, was Thanksgiving– our first in our house!  With a little help from both sets of parents, our dear Cynthia and Giles and their cute pup Lola, we hosted a feast to remember.  Good times!

Coming soon ….

More stripped wood!  A dining room table made out of a door!  Green paint!  Holiday stress!

Thanks for checking in.  Stay tuned.