I bet you were wondering about the precipitation levels at our place…

cocorahsI know you’ve been dying for an update on our rain gauge.  Chris takes measurements every day and posts them to our Cocorahs page.  Just thought I’d remind you to check it out!  (mostly because I wanted to post something but I can’t really lift my arms after carrying all those buckets this weekend, so we’ve been taking it easy this week!)

Chris also keeps a log and his binoculars handy so he can keep an eye on all the birds enjoying our feeder.  Yup, one year in and we are digging the suburbs.  And maybe we are 80.


Bathroom demolition!

How do you get from this …

To this?

bath lastWell, you need one of these:

That's Chris!

That’s Chris!

And at least one of these:

That's our awesome friend Larry, who gave us most of his Saturday to smash walls!

That’s our awesome friend Larry, who gave us most of his Saturday to smash walls!

You can also use an un-photographed brother-in-law and me!  Chris and Larry took walls down to the lathe, then took the lathe down to the studs.  Bill & I carried 5-gallon buckets of rubble down to the dumpster (about 400 times each …) and I got to have the distinct pleasure of flinging sheets of maroon tile and an entire medicine cabinet into the dumpster!

After a visit from our contractor, our next step is to have a plumber add new pipes, an electrician give us some light and then we call on Chris’ parents to come help us tile, paint and put up wainscoting.  In the mean time, I am incredibly proud of the work that got done this weekend — Chris really outdid himself and we are going to have an amazingly cute bathroom.  We are keeping the budget low, the fun level high and the Advil flowing like wine.  Oh, and the wine flowing like wine, too when we complete a good day’s work.

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I know what you’re thinking… “but how on earth did you get rid of that bathtub?!?”  (You may be thinking — “what the hell are you people thinking?!?” but I am choosing to believe you are thinking “”but how on earth did you get rid of that bathtub?!?” ).  And the answer is  .. smash it with a sledgehammer!  I have a little video of that — I think I will have Chris facebook it.

All I can say is the downstairs bathroom better watch out.  We’re coming for it and we’re feeling smashy.  There’s even still room in the dumpster!


Another year, another dumpster

March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

Today, we celebrate our one year anniversary of moving into our house!  Well, we actually moved on February 29, 2012, but Chris and I are very good celebrators and we can’t celebrate our anniversary every four years!!  So March 1 it is.

To honor this fun day, we got a dumpster for the lawn. Doesn’t it look nice?

This weekend, we will be finishing the demolition of the upstairs bathroom and carting all the pieces out to the dumpster.  We also had a dumpster on the lawn this time last year, to handle the kitchen demo.  Seems only fitting to begin Year Two in a similar fashion.  Onward and upward with our DIY spirit!