A pot of pansies


I got most of the plants from my last post (aka buying binge) into happier homes this weekend, though the weather was cooler and more windy than I would have liked. 

The rest of the pansies went in the front yard, along with the white impatiens.


So teeny! I’m hoping they grow bright and strong through the summer.

I also got my large planter um… Planted….


Filler, spiller, thriller? We shall see.

I will update with growth reports! I hope!


Spring has sprung


And I was so excited about the grand re opening of our beloved Hilltop Farms that I went a little crazy in the buying plants department!! We enjoyed an amazing Easter feast yesterday and I didn’t get all these guys in pots or in the ground, but I hope to over the next few days. I’m so excited for my gardening plans this year, but I’ve also been loving things to death lately. My oldest and most favorite philodendrons are dying,  the victims of an over zealous watering monster (me). They’ve been outside all weekend, drying out. I’m hoping they rebound. And we will see how all these guys do. I’ve also got lots of seeds to try, which will go in the ground next weekend. Wish me luck!!

Original Apothecary Style via New Orleans

I’m months away from tackling the renovation of our downstairs bathroom, but since we moved in, I have known it will have an apothecary, Sleep No More style to it.  To that end, I’ve just been keeping my eye out for style ideas, inspiration and historical influence.  So while Chris and I strolled around New Orleans this past weekend, imagine my joy to happen upon the Pharmacy Museum!  Ideas galore ….

this gave us the idea that simple, colored water in bottles looks awesome!


The front window gave us the idea that colored water in bottles will make a cool display!


There were amazing cabinets — all the drawers!  All the bottles!

I like the old medicine posters ….


And who doesn’t love a good pair of glass eyes??


Like I said …. inspiring ……