People Who Visit Us: Post #2/ TOM & ANDREA

IMG_0183Yup.  That’s them.  With Chris on the left.  This photo was taken during a fierce Mexican Train battle and you can tell who was winning.  That would be Tom.  And to his right, his lovely fiancee Andrea.  We had a fantastic overnight visit with them.  This gal — no relation — was also around that weekend —  Emmy7.19.14(we were dogsitting and it was some F-U-N).  But I digress…. as I often do ….

I am very pleased to bring you the Second Installment of my new hit series PEOPLE WHO VISIT US!

Here, in their (his) own words, I give you … Tom:

How do you know the Larsens? We sorta accidentally started a little artist collective where Chris played drums in a band with me and I occasionally directed plays that Bethany wrote. Maybe you’ve heard of the IT Awards??

Describe yourself in three words: Always, always nude.

What’s your favorite book?   The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor by Creflo Dollar

What did you eat at the Larsens’?   There were wee quiches, and generous cheddar cheese squares that spilled over the edge of the Triscuits on which they were mounted. There was a dinner at Gleason’s downtown and a breakfast of Chris-engineered crepe-like pancakes with an enormity of bacon and the largest cherries I’ve ever seen.

(maybe we SHOULD open a bed and breakfast??)

(maybe we SHOULD open a bed and breakfast??)

Did you win at cornhole? I didn’t win at cornhole; I won cornhole. The reason is, I pioneered a new night version using citronella candles mounted safely beneath the board that led to awesome dark-play where we appeared to be tossing the bags directly into fire. Hellhole was born. What that allows one to do now is play Chris until you can beat him. Which I did at 2:30 am.

Did you leave sober, tipsy or shitcanned?  (or did you sleep over) –  Now that one can play cornhole through until morning, I predict fewer people leaving sober.

Where are you visiting next?  Costa Rica or Indiana


The Larsens’ Turn:

Tom has been a true blue friend to us for a long, long time.  We’ve had some road trips, some rock gigs, some late-night dart battles.  But he’s finally found his equal in Andrea — an amazingly open, beautiful, lovely person who may be kinda new to us, but her old soul, honesty & greats sense of humor have made her an instant hit around the Larsen house, and we look forward to many, many more visits!  She’s kicking our ass on the Mexican Train tournament we have running, so at the very least, we gotta finish that!!  And best of all — we will be among a select few who will get to celebrate with these two fantastic folks when they make it official and say “I DO” in NYC in September.  Oh, you know there’s gonna be a blog post about that!!!

at Gleasons

at Gleasons



Thanks for reading the blog!




Summer Fun/ Thursday Night in the Suburbs

This morning, Chris had the genius idea of going to the Italian Feast in Verplank.  It goes on for a few nights in July and is amazing in that it packs a lot into a little teeny fair. We didn’t go last summer, but we went in 2012 —   this year, I was smart enough to not win 5 goldfish (short version:  that did not go well) and we wisely spent our money on plastic cups of wine and zeppolis.  It was a lovely summer night in the suburbs and though  I have heartburn as I type this, it was totally worth it.

Did you know about Our Lady of Mount Carmel?  I didn’t, but I love that there is a fair for her right near my house!  Any excuse to have a plastic cup of wine and fried things on a beautiful summer night is fine by me.

People Who Visit Us: Post #1/ PETER

As previously threatened, I’m starting a new series called People Who Visit Us.  If you’re wondering, YES I am kicking myself for not starting this ages ago!  So that means all the people who have been visiting us since we moved are just gonna have to come back and hang out with us again.  We promise not to make you work too much!!

Each PWVU subject will have to answer the same few questions.  I reserve the right to comment.  I mean, it’s my blog, right?

Hi, Peter!


How do you know the Larsens?  Chinatown gang bang club (since first gang bang)

Describe yourself in three words:  Gang bang enthusiast

(editorial note:  we met at Fordham)

What’s your favorite book?   Soap Opera Digest

What did you eat at the Larsens’?  Really good fajitas (why I’m moving to Peekskill)

(editorial note:  Chris & I also drank margaritas)

Did you win at cornhole? I lost to Chris once in a shut out and beat you because you defaulted by retiring from the match (and I had a significant lead).  In other words, you abandoned my Cornhole just as I was starting to feel good about it.

Did you leave sober, tipsy or shitcanned?  (or did you sleep over) —   Sober.  Get it in writing while you can.

Where are you visiting next?  Cape Cod:  Falmouth, MA


The Larsens’ Turn:
Peter is the best!  He is mega-talented, funny, honest and a true friend.  He is one of those friends where years can pass with a facebook check in here & there, and then you hang out and it’s like no time has passed.  I think we will be friends with Peter forever.



If you like watching paint dry …

Then you are going to LOVE my new series:  Good God What Have I Done:  The Front Porch Edition.  It really has everything  — it’s going to be a loooong journey-type tale (like how they say all good stories are road trips?), it’s got humor, it’s got drama, you are really rooting for the protagonists and none of us have any idea how it will end.

Yup.  We started scraping the paint off the front porch.

I’m really, truly having a “what have I done” moment with this one.  It might never end.


We started this insanity last weekend.  I would say this current before & “after” peek represents about 12 hours of work and it’s maybe a quarter scraped and we haven’t even talked about paint, stain, taking the aluminum siding off the ceiling or repairing the broken shingles.

Oh!  But speaking of broken shingles … I was scraping paint on Sunday, enjoying The Glenn Jones Radio Programme, vacillating wildly between “oh, this is such nice, relaxing, rewarding work” and “this will never end.  Never”  when I heard someone saying, “Excuse me!” at the porch railing.  So I met a neighbor, who introduced herself, said she lives around the corner and she has a box of cedar shingles she can’t use that are the same shape as our front porch, and could we use them?  I might have screamed a little and I know I said, “My husband is going to freak out!”  So she came back later with some shingles to try.  They are a little smaller than the ones on the front of the porch (which led Chris on a rant about how everything in this house is in a size they don’t make any more!  Which is actually a good rant, and I will have him guest-blog and tell you his thoughts on the matter) BUT they are beautiful and they will be perfect for repairs.  Or we will move good ones from the back to the front and put smaller ones in the back.  In any case, they are going to come in handy and HOW  NICE IS THAT that a person would stop and say they have extra of something and they would like to give it to you.  Another for the Things You Don’t See in the City series.  Oh – -I’m also all about the series right now.  I think it will give me structure.

So please stay tuned for “People Who Visit Us/ A Series,” which will debut this week. In the mean time, please enjoy this slide show.  I hope to some day find this funny.


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Happy 4th of July Weekend!

And also, how did it get to be 4th of July weekend already?  I’m woefully behind in my blog posts, and will spend this week sorting through some photos so I can post about a very fun party we had, the tomatoes that are blossoming, some fun things I have cooked and the porch that’s getting a thorough scraping.  For now, I will just post a photo of my planter– I’m very proud of it, as it was a little touch-and-go at the beginning!   Early July feels like a good time to reflect on the summer so far.  Stay tuned for some backtracking and in a few days I will be back up to speed!


happy fourth of july!

happy fourth of july!



(my how we've grown ...)

(my how we’ve grown …)