Photo A Day: October 8



The corner of Madison & 43rd, 6 pm


Photo A Day: October 7

What I saw today…


Diamond District, NYC

I got distracted from doing the photo a day project, but am starting again today with the hope of posting for the rest if October.

I snapped this on my way to the train after work. I liked the lady holding up the sign.

Today is also my Mom s birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!

Mulch, Steam Cleaning, Barilla Pasta, Fall …. you know… the usual ….

To describe the past couple of projects that Chris and I have embarked upon would involve using the words “mulch” (front shrubs) and “steam cleaner” (rented, taken to anything with a fabric-y surface) and even as I type — I’m sorry, are you there?  I just nodded off for a sec while typing.. but, hey — if I didn’t lose you at mulch, then please enjoy a picture I snapped last night (9/25) …it’s out the window of the train, which is why the florescent light is hanging out in the right upper corner, but I thought the light and the glassy river looked beautiful…  like the colors of the current season:  not quite fall, not yet still summer…


Oh, fall … The sunsets are beautiful, the leaves are changing and it’s already getting darker earlier.  We’re working on our weekend plan while working at our Work work and dealing with general life stuff this week.  So I hope to have more interesting photos and thoughts and ideas to post next week!

A fun happy hour was had on Tuesday (and donate, won’t ya?!?) and we also have been enjoying some freshly cut flowers from my flower bed experiment.


This has led me to a new obsession with planting some fall bulbs that will flower and let me cut them and have them in the house…. links?  thoughts?

And finally, and most importantly, I’d like to direct you to my dear friend’s blog, where he tries to talk some sense into the world.  We were equally shocked by the Barilla pasta news today– me, because I’m a fat girl who loves Barilla pasta and can’t buy it any more, and my friend because he is a gay man raising two amazing kids.  Oh, world…  Catch up to the rest of us, will ya? And, Barilla, apologize all you want.  You sleep with the fishes.