Summer Fun/ Thursday Night in the Suburbs

This morning, Chris had the genius idea of going to the Italian Feast in Verplank.  It goes on for a few nights in July and is amazing in that it packs a lot into a little teeny fair. We didn’t go last summer, but we went in 2012 —   this year, I was smart enough to not win 5 goldfish (short version:  that did not go well) and we wisely spent our money on plastic cups of wine and zeppolis.  It was a lovely summer night in the suburbs and though  I have heartburn as I type this, it was totally worth it.

Did you know about Our Lady of Mount Carmel?  I didn’t, but I love that there is a fair for her right near my house!  Any excuse to have a plastic cup of wine and fried things on a beautiful summer night is fine by me.

Hudson Hop & Harvest

Last evening, Chris and I took a stroll down to the river to check out the Hudson Hop & Harvest.  Unlike last year (the festival’s first year, which was held in a too-small space and had some … let’s say “issues.”  And by “issues I mean an overcomplicated ticket system and a very small amount of overused port-0-potties.  EW.)  we thought this year’s festival was FANTASTIC!  Super well-run, a great space on the riverfront, well-staffed, well laid-out and great music.  We especially liked Saints of Valory, an Austin band that played a set of catchy, fun pop and seemed ready for prime time.  Like, I could see them on SNL or Letterman tomorrow.  And Mary C and the Stellars were pretty great, too.  We had a couple great local beers and heard some great music!  Looking forward to the 3rd Annual already ….


2 Parks in 2 Days = a lovely weekend!

We spend so much time working on the house, shopping for the house, cleaning up the mess we’ve made in the house …. that we don’t get out and about as often as we should.  We love the Hudson Valley and have not had enough opportunity to explore.  So this weekend, Chris decided we would visit two parks that are very close to us.  They were each pretty great and have different things to offer.  It was nice to get outside on a gorgeous late summer weekend and enjoy the area.

Saturday took us to Croton Point Park.  Situated right on the river, there were so many pretty views, a great breeze, well-maintained hiking trails and lots of places to gather a group for a picnic.

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Then on Sunday we explored Roosevelt State Park.  I think I liked Croton Point better, but Roosevelt has a pool.  A huge pool!  And it wasn’t crowded when we arrived around noon.  It might get crazy with kids and radios and … humanity.  But I might give it a try some time …

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