Buh Bye


Hooray for town services!



The old, large tree in our neighbor’s yard decided to crack in half and crash at 3:30 a.m.  So now, instead of the 4th of July we had planned (burgers, beers, finishing the bathroom, relaxation …) we will be borrowing Chris’ brother-in-law’s chainsaw and cleaning up.  I’m honestly still shaken up by this, but I know how lucky we are– a foot further and we could have lost our back porch, the wall to the wood room, even part of the front porch.  As it is now, a screen was ripped and the siding has some dents.  The garbage cans didn’t even fall over!  No one was hurt– including the baby birds.  We were so happy to see them squirming around in their nest this morning, and I got a photo of Mamma Bird on the railing with some worms in her mouth, ready to feed the babies. So … wish us luck on the clean up. 

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baby birds are a-ok!

baby birds are a-ok!


that's Mamma, perched on the now kind of broken fire escape, worms at the ready

that’s Mamma, perched on the now kind of broken fire escape, worms at the ready


I’m on a podcast!

Yesterday I sat down with he very talented and fun Julie Fei-Fan Balzer to record her Podcast, “Adventures In Arting.”  I’ve known Julie for a long time — she has directed many of my plays and is the person who got me into paper crafting and scrapbooking.  I have a link to her terrific blog on my blogroll.  We talked about all kinds of things, from standing by your artistic choices to digging post holes.

about the podcast

You can hear the podcast by visiting http://balzerdesigns.com/arting/renovating-this-old-house/

Please leave your comments here or on Julie’s page.  Thanks for listening!