Thrift Store Desk Makeover

Got a desk for $15 … fixed her up and got her ready to take on some work-from-home-action!
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Dresser Makeover

__This one has been on my list for a long time!  It’s finally finished, and I’m finally posting it.

As I’m sure you can guess from how much we love stripping paint around here, I’m not the biggest fan of just painting things white.  But in the case of this cute dresser, its veneer and brass handles were looking dated and worn, but the shapes are fantastic!  Power sanded, silver-leafed and painted with some leftover tester paint and I  have a cute new dresser!

Such a simple, easy project — I held myself back from decoupaging every flat surface on the dresser and kept things plain and clean.  I love it!

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Bathroom Cabinet

Designed by Chris and me, executed beautifully by Chris!

The doors are shutters we bought at an antique fair for $20.  The knobs are from Anthropologie.  (Like, who knew I could love a selection of knobs so much!!?  haha, knobs…)

The wood for the cabinet is recycled from the old bathroom cabinet

Et viola!  What do you think?


Crafty Tale # 5: Silver leafing

In another case of something in the house where we love the shape but don’t love the style, (see lamps!) there was a switch plate cover near the front door that is ceramic, nicely made and a great shape.  In a grand experiment, I decided to silver leaf it!  This was my first real silver leafing project, but I”m happy with the results.

Silver leafing is fairly easy — you just put some adhesive on the surface, lay the silver leaf paper over it, rub it like a transfer and there you go!  It took several sheets of silver leaf and I finished it with some spray adhesive.  I left it with some unfinished spots and crackles to give it an old look.  And I really like the way it looks against the green wall.