Saturday silhouettes

Spending a quiet Saturday on a long Labor Day weekend cleaning, crafting, cooking and taking it easy ahead of what is sure to be a superfuntimes night tomorrow — my boss’ wedding! I love any excuse for a party, and I especially love weddings. But, I digress ….

A couple weekends ago when we were out visiting my in-laws in eastern PA, we spent Saturday at the Warren County Antique Fair  — it was a great fair with lots of vendors.  I wouldn’t say there were tons of bargains, but there was a lot of variety and I would definitely recommend it as a worthwhile stop.

Chris spotted a small pair of silhouettes for $6, which we of course purchased for my burgeoning collection.  I found some miniature scenes on eBay last week, and we finally got everybody hung up last night!


This, in turn, inspired me to paint one of my $1 AC Moore wood frames with metallic paint and add a cut-out from some scrapbooking paper that I’ve been hoarding…



As I type, I’m still letting that one dry.  But once it’s set, it will join my wall!  A forthcoming project is to try to create my own silhouettes using photographs.  Stay tuned …



(also, that’s my new chair).


Photo a day: August 29



My friend Jen and I are lucky to know each other. Lucky because of how we met when we were 13, lucky to have had each other to rely on during our crazy teenage years, and lucky to get to see each other once in a while. Not as often as we’d like, but i appreciate what I can get! I am lucky to have this plucky, funny, sweet, kind, tough gal for a friend.

2 Parks in 2 Days = a lovely weekend!

We spend so much time working on the house, shopping for the house, cleaning up the mess we’ve made in the house …. that we don’t get out and about as often as we should.  We love the Hudson Valley and have not had enough opportunity to explore.  So this weekend, Chris decided we would visit two parks that are very close to us.  They were each pretty great and have different things to offer.  It was nice to get outside on a gorgeous late summer weekend and enjoy the area.

Saturday took us to Croton Point Park.  Situated right on the river, there were so many pretty views, a great breeze, well-maintained hiking trails and lots of places to gather a group for a picnic.

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Then on Sunday we explored Roosevelt State Park.  I think I liked Croton Point better, but Roosevelt has a pool.  A huge pool!  And it wasn’t crowded when we arrived around noon.  It might get crazy with kids and radios and … humanity.  But I might give it a try some time …

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Vacation project #3 completed! Have fun with The Apples


Pictured is my cute mom having a blast at the Treat Station, acting as conductor of various train lines.

You may notice she glows from her green tea facial at Skinchantment in Peekskill! We also had lunch with my dad and Chris at Gleasons — yum.  A fun Friday in Peekskill!

Vacation Project #2 (ongoing…)

and going and going and going.  You may recall my nemesis, which has been staring me down for a while now.  I am spending some time here and there scraping paint off.  It’s coming along!  But I have discovered I need to use the pneumatic scaler — which works great but is SO loud you can only use it for short bursts.  Tuesday night I hit it with some Zip Strip and in true I-will-never-learn-my-lesson fashion, ended up with a nasty nosebleed yesterday.  Zip Strip makes me ill– that stuff is TOXIC.  So no more Zip Strip.  And I will keep working on this beauty till it shines!


Vacation Project #1 Completed!

I have always liked the shape of the stairs in the house.  But with risers that had seen better days and all the hauling of STUFF we’ve been doing they got even more scuffed up and dirty. I’m planning on some dark green in the dining room and with the outside dark green, I thought I would give it a go to give  them a paint job.  I’m very happy with the results!

I gave the risers a quick sanding with the power sander and chipped away at any big chunks of paint with a hand scraper.  I taped the living beejeesus out of them and went to town.  I’m very happy with the results!