Getting by with a little (more) help from (more of) our friends!

Our dear friend Janis came up this past weekend — it was her first visit to the house and we put her to work stripping baseboards.  She did an amazing job and is still talking to me!  A win-win.

If you were hoping to come over and just hang out in our upstairs bathroom, I’m sorry to say you’re out of luck.  It’s been pretty much gutted and awaits a re-do.  Photos soon ….


Crafty Tale #6: a little decoupage …

In my ongoing quest to make things look bright, cheery and cute, I decided to decoupage some light switch plates.  It was SO easy and SO inexpensive.  The white covers were purchased for 47 cents each at Home Depot.  I remembered I had some paper that kind of resembled the rug in our “new” room, and of course, we at the Larsen house buy Mod Podge by the gallon.

I traced the plates on the back of the paper, cut it with a paper cutter and used an X-acto knife to cut out the holes.  I brushed Mod Podge on the plate, added the paper and then added about 3 more coats of Mod Podge, letting it dry between coats.  The screws just popped through later, with another little poke from the X-acto knife.

They’re certainly not perfect up close, but on the wall, in the room, I think they look really cute.

Long-Weekend Update!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s mostly because we’ve been busy, busy, busy working around the house and I haven’t even had the time to photograph it!  Between the vacation days I took last week and a long holiday weekend, Chris and I made some major progress, if I do say so myself.  The downstairs windows are sanded and poly’d (and ready for the Roman shades I will be working on soon!), the trim throughout the entry way, stairwell and upstairs hall has been touched up with white paint to truly banish-the-beige and clean any drips, and outlets and light switches have been grounded and replaced.  None of it the most glamorous work, but all of it very rewarding!

But most dramatically, after much sanding, washing and painting, our upstairs round room is DONE!  Well, it still needs furniture, I need to jazz up the curtains a bit and make a few more throw pillows.  But it is clean and painted and we love it!

Crafty Tale # 5: Silver leafing

In another case of something in the house where we love the shape but don’t love the style, (see lamps!) there was a switch plate cover near the front door that is ceramic, nicely made and a great shape.  In a grand experiment, I decided to silver leaf it!  This was my first real silver leafing project, but I”m happy with the results.

Silver leafing is fairly easy — you just put some adhesive on the surface, lay the silver leaf paper over it, rub it like a transfer and there you go!  It took several sheets of silver leaf and I finished it with some spray adhesive.  I left it with some unfinished spots and crackles to give it an old look.  And I really like the way it looks against the green wall.

Progress in the entry way ….

After much scraping and sanding and patching and washing (and more sanding), we finally got to paint our front entry way room this weekend!  It’s definitely a work in progress, but the Banish the Beige project continues and entering and leaving the house is a much more cheery endeavor.  Next up:  staining the trim, stripping the baseboards, making some window shades and figuring out what furniture will permanently go in this room.  But in the mean time, we are loving the color and very happy with our progress.