Kitchen bookshelves

Made of Anthropologie brackets, painted boards & overall design & construction by Chris. We recently painted the kitchen blue, and once I get the trim painted and new curtains made, I will post a full before and after of the whole re do!
The kitchen was the first room we fully gutted (and by “we” I mean “our contractor”) and it’s been an amazing space we LOVE and use constantly: cooking, cocktailing, rearranging, planning parties and meals and just enjoying being able to cook complicated recipes without having to put bowls on folding chairs and taping scraps  of magazines to various surfaces to read instructions. We love it! And now my cookbooks have joined the party!

In our teeny nyc apt, everything was up on shelves. None were as nice as these, but they do feel like a cozy nod to our past “style.”

And best of all? I have room to add a few cookbooks to my collection that I’ve put off buying for lack of space. Yay, more stuff!!

What do you think?






Glitter Pumpkins


A brief post to share my Saturday night crafty activity… We had some friends up for the weekend, and i wanted to use up some glitter! I read a bunch of tutorials online, and in the end decided to just try a very easy technique of brushing some Mod Podge over the pumpkin, sprinkling it with a lot of glitter, letting it dry and coating it with a light layer of spray on glaze. I have more photos of all the weekend s activities, crafty and otherwise, but for now, am so proud of the sparkle on my front steps, I couldn’t wait to share!

Hudson Hop & Harvest

Last evening, Chris and I took a stroll down to the river to check out the Hudson Hop & Harvest.  Unlike last year (the festival’s first year, which was held in a too-small space and had some … let’s say “issues.”  And by “issues I mean an overcomplicated ticket system and a very small amount of overused port-0-potties.  EW.)  we thought this year’s festival was FANTASTIC!  Super well-run, a great space on the riverfront, well-staffed, well laid-out and great music.  We especially liked Saints of Valory, an Austin band that played a set of catchy, fun pop and seemed ready for prime time.  Like, I could see them on SNL or Letterman tomorrow.  And Mary C and the Stellars were pretty great, too.  We had a couple great local beers and heard some great music!  Looking forward to the 3rd Annual already ….


Bathroom Cabinet

Designed by Chris and me, executed beautifully by Chris!

The doors are shutters we bought at an antique fair for $20.  The knobs are from Anthropologie.  (Like, who knew I could love a selection of knobs so much!!?  haha, knobs…)

The wood for the cabinet is recycled from the old bathroom cabinet

Et viola!  What do you think?