May #FMSPAD Challenge

I super-love the Fat Mum Slim Blog… my friend Johnny turned me on to her photo-a-day challenge and then I became a fan of her whole thing. I like her style and her humor… And I don’t even have kids!! But, like, everyone needs to pack lunch, right?!  She has good tips for all.

So, my friend is very diligent with the photo a day thing.  I come and go, but sometimes I get inspired. I really like the IG feed, the posters are all a universally friendly creative, supportive bunch. Friendly AND from all over the world — it’s really interesting to see other folks’ view from where they are, know what I mean? And the FMS blog is great, too. Beautiful content, a sunny disposition, optimistic honesty. I like it 😊

 So, a few years ago, when the month’s theme was the alphabet, I took a photo every day in Times Square (where I was working) for a kind-of …Broadway-theme- within -the-theme. So. Meta. (I’m going to find those and post them — I  liked that one!) 

Anyway, I’ve been posting here and there with #fmspad on Instagram, but I havent been consistent. AND I’ve been needing to motivate myself to get more projects done… so I’m issuing myself a challenge-within-the-challenge for May.

Here’s the deal:

My poor craft room has been neglected for years.  (You guys — I have a craft room.  In NYC, I had a half a craft table and one portable small basket of supplies. Now I have a ROOM (!!))… but I don’t have time to get my $&*@ together. And thanks to another wonderful friend –(you guys,  I have the best friends!!) — I have more craft supplies than I know how to use. I also have these great IKEA shelves.  I have a vision.  I have a CHAIR!  And now… I have a challenge. 

Every day in May I’m going to do the photo-a-day challenge with a craft room component. I’m going to work on a portion of the room, or I’m going to make/use/learn something to do with the day’s prompt. I will photograph the results.  And my room will be up and running by the end of May!! 

#FMSPAD, #fms_window


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