A Wedding Celebration!

Something went wonky with my post, so HI! I’m back!!

Our dear friends Antonia and Anthony tied the knot at City Hall in May.  This past Saturday, they had a classy cocktail party at Gleasons  followed by an after-party in our yard!

We kept things simple and very budget-firendly, DIY, but cute and fun.  We started planning months ago, had a crafting date in June, a logistics meeting in July and were ready to GO on Saturday!!

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The weather mostly held out, which let us set the tables with muslin and burlap, lanterns from my sister’s wedding, little jewels from the craft store, and Mercury-glass vases & votives from bhldn, plus our own glittered vases and votives:

We made the flower wall!

We took photos by the flower wall!

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I didn’t get enough good photos, but I think everyone had a good time, the vibe was definitely celebratory and relaxed, and #anthonia16 have some great friends and family!

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The party also reinvigorated me about all that needs to be done around the house. So many people said so many nice things about the house — because it’s a crazy, great, old house!! —  that it helped me appreciate the work we’ve done and feel energized and inspired again to tackle a few big projects  (Bathroom. Porch. Craft Room. Closet)…. so that was a great by-product of a fantastic day celebrating love, family and friends.

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