One STEP at a time

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  The new front steps are in!  We love them.


For a refresher comparison, here’s what we started with:


Stripping, Sanding, Painting …

The downstairs living room, alternately known to us as “the fireplace room” (though the fireplace doesn’t work … yet …) is on your right as you enter the front door of the house.  We thought we’d spruce it up, paint and clean it and set up our couch and a TV down there.  Cut to two months and hours & hours of work later and the woodwork is done!

I love the stain against the new grey paint.  I love the mantle and all of its detail.  And I super love my hard-working husband who did the vast majority of the stripping, sanding, steel-wooling, staining and painting.

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The Weird Wood Room

The house has a weird wood room between the kitchen and the dining room.  Maybe some sort of pantry back in the day?  Here it is on the day of our first walk through of the house:


We saw past the Christmas wreath and gross floor.  But we still didn’t know what the room was or what we’d use it for.

We did have our first meal out there ….


Yup. KFC, diet Coke and wine. Unpacking fuel!
February 29, 2012

Last night, I unpacked some of my cookbooks onto my newly spray-painted bookshelf (you may recognize the spray paint color from such projects as the lamp makeover), ironed a tablecloth, stacked up the wine rack and put up a curtain.  It truly is the little things…..


Why, yes, that is my Elvis plate collection!  Thanks for asking!

So, the room certainly isn’t done, but it’s getting closer.

oh, the humanity!

We had a windy, rainy storm on Tuesday night.  When we got up on Wednesday morning,  the yard looked like this:

Which made me freak out.  Oh my god!  All those branches!  We’re lucky they didn’t hit the house!  We have to clean this up!

Then I took a reality pill and realized it was a lot like the “earthquake” we had in August, 2011.

DDIY # 2 — the front steps

After weighing the pros and cons of demolishing concrete steps by ourselves, we decided it was a job for our fantastic contractor, Ed.  He’s in the middle of the job now– had to get a bigger jackhammer bwa-ha-ha-ha — but hopefully we will have nice wooden steps by the end of the week!  I’m also thinking “caution tape chic” might be the look for the fall.  I can just wrap the whole house and we’ll be covered for anything that comes up!Image

The Pink Room

My maternal grandmother’s house had a pink room.  It was the guest bedroom, with a pull-out couch, bookshelves and pink walls.  I liked sleeping over there.  Our house has a small guest bedroom that I knew I wanted to paint pink as soon as I saw it.  It’s not all the way finished — it still needs better window treatments,a bedskirt, a different bedside table, etc., but for now it’s a cozy little room for friends to stay over.  When they help us paint.  If they don’t help us paint, they stay in the basement.

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Crafty Tale #1: Lamp Makeover

To hold me over until I have some real news to report (hint …. it has to do with sanded wood that’s getting stained, a fireplace and an entire ROOM about to magically come together! … in the next few weeks …) I’d like to tell a crafty tale….

There was some weird stuff left in the house when we moved in.  Like, dumpsters full of weird stuff.   Don’t get me wrong– there was some GREAT stuff (a piano, old trunks, a set of very deco-looking dishes) … but lots of weird stuff.  Like old, yucky lamps.

Behold — a dirty, old lamp!

So, this lamp is pretty ugly, right?  It’s also cheap (weighs nothing) and the shade is busted stuff.  BUT, it worked (and when we first moved in, we had no light anywhere!) and I liked the shape of it.  I had also just read an article about the magic of spray paint….

Blue! Because I thought they might work on our bedside tables in our blue bedroom. Well, someday our bedroom will be blue.

I added a crisp, white shade from Bed, Bath & Beyond (I think it was around $24.99, something like that) and behold!  New lamp!  What do you think?

posing by the turntable while waiting for the bedroom makeover …