A Crafty Tale: Jewelry Station, Part I

In the first of what I’m sure will be a captivating series about a project that has been forming in my mind for two years, but has been put on the back burner. . (oooh we need a kitchen, waaah we have to insulate the attic… It’s one thing after another and meanwhile, my accessories have been languishing!!) I now present the first post about my new jewelry station. I can hear you cheering from here!


This is one of the least expensive, most DIY of my DIY experiments and so far so good! Don’t you.love it when that happens?! I fixed up a chair and table for my vanity. I’m halfway through with the jewelry storage parts. And I’m plotting the little mirror that will hang next to all of it.

So for Part I of the first part of the wall hangings around the vanity… I give you the rough draft of what will (I hope) be a very cute mirror.

The base is  a $1 wood frame from a craft store. I am going to paint it light blue with some leftover paint samples I have in the basement. Then, I’m going to glue a cheap piece of mirror to the back. Once that is all set, I will glue tiles to the front in some configuration like the layout I have here.

The tiles were taken from kitchen backsplash samples that I ordered when I was deciding on kitchen things. I painted some with craft paint, some with glue and glitter, and they all will look lovely in my blue bedroom! Oooh, and with the jewelry organizing things you haven’t even SEEN yet!! Well, stay tuned ūüôā


Happy Father’s Day!

Although we did not get to spend this beautiful Father’s Day weekend with our dads, we did do dad-like things in that we worked around the yard and the house and watched the U.S. Open.¬† And we wish them and all dads out there a great Father’s Day!

My transplanted rose bush started popping ….


Mamma Bird was busy again, too – on Saturday, she was up to 3 eggs in the nest!

I'm so in love with the color!

I’m so in love with the color!

Attempting to continue my gardening streak, I cleaned out the containers Jeffrey gave me and re-planted them with some vegetable plants.¬† I don’ think they will grow in such a small container, but it’s also kind of a test to see if that area of the yard gets enough sunlight to eventually sustain a full garden.


I also spent a few hours digging out the weeds that are overgrowing the curb in the yard.¬† (the “curb in the yard” being a separate issue that was once a driveway, but will not be used as a driveway by us, so instead is a dividing wall for now…).¬† The drainage is terrible¬† from the top of the curb into the flower bed and herb garden, and with all the rain we’ve had lately, a lot of soil got washed away and a lot of new weeds popped up.¬† For example, above the herb garden was looking like this:

bottom half of photo = all weeds.  Curb = kinds mossy ....

bottom half of photo = all weeds. Curb = kinds mossy ….


I dug out about half the curb and planted some grass seed.¬† We will see what happens!¬† The dirt should settle in soon and hopefully we will get some grass along the edge ….

after the weed-digging....

after the weed-digging….


Meanwhile, the Tile Master got half the bathroom floor done!¬† Not yet grouted, but it’s bold and crazy tile and I’m really excited about it!¬† (and more bathroom blog posts to follow, obv.)¬† What do you think?

Modwalls floor tile, gumball pattern, laid by Chris!

Modwalls floor tile, gumball pattern, laid by Chris!


But I think the most exciting Father’s Day news is for the Papa Robin, who is going to have not three, but 4 babies ….¬† Mamma laid one more egg today!



And how was your weekend?


Bathroom Update II: The Tiling

The tiling has begun!!!¬† Thanks to the expertise,¬† borrowed tile cutter and other tools of my father-in-law, as well as the patience and talent of the Amazing Chris, the upstairs bathroom is coming along.¬† For such a small room, the shower just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

Decorative tiles

I’m a lucky girl with awesome friends.¬† Two of these friends¬† are responsible for my dependency on cast iron cookware¬† as well as my Sodom and Gomorrah collectable plate (to be photographed when it can be in its rightful home with its Elvis-like friends).¬† Jeffrey and Michael have given me tons of gardening tips, a greenhouse worth of plants and also these amazing tiles:

Jeffrey found them in the basement of his home in Brooklyn.¬† I’m not sure where they go yet, but they are pretty special.

Bathroom is ready to be tiled (what!??!) and SO much yard work got done over the beautiful spring weekend we just had.¬† I’m about to go crazy with some bulbs and¬† ground cover, seeds and maybe some peas!!¬† We will see how that goes ….

Bathroom demolition!

How do you get from this …

To this?

bath lastWell, you need one of these:

That's Chris!

That’s Chris!

And at least one of these:

That's our awesome friend Larry, who gave us most of his Saturday to smash walls!

That’s our awesome friend Larry, who gave us most of his Saturday to smash walls!

You can also use an un-photographed brother-in-law and me!¬† Chris and Larry took walls down to the lathe, then took the lathe down to the studs.¬† Bill & I carried 5-gallon buckets of rubble down to the dumpster (about 400 times each …) and I got to have the distinct pleasure of flinging sheets of maroon tile and an entire medicine cabinet into the dumpster!

After a visit from our contractor, our next step is to have a plumber add new pipes, an electrician give us some light and then we call on Chris’ parents to come help us tile, paint and put up wainscoting.¬† In the mean time, I am incredibly proud of the work that got done this weekend — Chris really outdid himself and we are going to have an amazingly cute bathroom.¬† We are keeping the budget low, the fun level high and the Advil flowing like wine.¬† Oh, and the wine flowing like wine, too when we complete a good day’s work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know what you’re thinking… “but how on earth did you get rid of that bathtub?!?”¬† (You may be thinking — “what the hell are you people thinking?!?” but I am choosing to believe you are thinking “”but how on earth did you get rid of that bathtub?!?” ).¬† And the answer is¬† .. smash it with a sledgehammer!¬† I have a little video of that — I think I will have Chris facebook it.

All I can say is the downstairs bathroom better watch out.¬† We’re coming for it and we’re feeling smashy.¬† There’s even still room in the dumpster!