I bet you were wondering about the precipitation levels at our place…

cocorahsI know you’ve been dying for an update on our rain gauge.  Chris takes measurements every day and posts them to our Cocorahs page.  Just thought I’d remind you to check it out!  (mostly because I wanted to post something but I can’t really lift my arms after carrying all those buckets this weekend, so we’ve been taking it easy this week!)

Chris also keeps a log and his binoculars handy so he can keep an eye on all the birds enjoying our feeder.  Yup, one year in and we are digging the suburbs.  And maybe we are 80.


Fun with meteorology

Here’s you:  What IS that?

Here’s me:  It’s a rain gauge, duh.

Here’s you:  A what?

Here’s me: Um … let’s let Chris explain.  Chris?

Hello !

Chris here. I have been a weather enthusiast for quite a while and getting a house with a yard gave me the chance to get a high quality rain gauge. The gauge I have is the exact same model the meteorologists at the National Weather Service and city utilities managers use, so you know its not only fun but deadly accurate.

I have been taking a reading of the gauge every morning at 8am , then entering the amount at the CoCoRahs website –  the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. If you’re interested in precipitation data or joining the CoCoRaHS network you can find all the information and training you’ll need at their website : http://www.cocorahs.org/ .  While you’re there be sure to check out my rain gauge readings — I’m station name NY-WC-11. Here’s an educational video to get you started :


Thanks !


Here’s me again:  You should totally watch that video.  It’s short and it’s also awesome.

Here’s you:  What is wrong with you people?

Here’s me:  Whatever.  I maybe got lead paint poisoning over the weekend, ok?  Give me a break.

Here’s me again, just real quick before I go:  That’s the rain gauge on its pole next to our new Leyland Cypress trees.  If this Hurricane Sandy comes our way this weekend, look out for some *very* exciting rain gauge updates next week!

(Also, a fun fact about Chris … He really is kind of a weather enthusiast.  He can generally guess the temperature to within a few degrees just by stepping outside.  This is not a skill that has brought fame, fortune or any kind of acclaim, really, but it never fails to amuse me…)