Catching Up: Leaves, Pumpkins, and Oh, yeah, THAT happened ….

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So, getting rid of all those leaves was this past weekend’s chores.  Because, if you like watching paint dry, then you super-love hearing about OTHER people RAKING THEIR LAWNS.

A brief detour to the very overdue topic of Halloween ….

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And then also … this happened:

Yay, fall!  And omg so horrified by that raccoon!!!


Glitter Pumpkins


A brief post to share my Saturday night crafty activity… We had some friends up for the weekend, and i wanted to use up some glitter! I read a bunch of tutorials online, and in the end decided to just try a very easy technique of brushing some Mod Podge over the pumpkin, sprinkling it with a lot of glitter, letting it dry and coating it with a light layer of spray on glaze. I have more photos of all the weekend s activities, crafty and otherwise, but for now, am so proud of the sparkle on my front steps, I couldn’t wait to share!

Giving Thanks

My, how time flies!  It feels like just yesterday we were carving pumpkins and my nieces were dressed up for Halloween like a couple of cuties from the ’50’s.

pumpkinspink ladies

Now here I am worried about getting all my Christmas shopping done in time for the holidays.  Where does the time go?

In between, of course, was Thanksgiving– our first in our house!  With a little help from both sets of parents, our dear Cynthia and Giles and their cute pup Lola, we hosted a feast to remember.  Good times!

Coming soon ….

More stripped wood!  A dining room table made out of a door!  Green paint!  Holiday stress!

Thanks for checking in.  Stay tuned.