Train Delay = Wednesday morning art walk

Our usual train had mechanical difficulties this morning and after a few delay announcements, was canceled altogether.  We had over a half an hour until our next train, so decided to take a walk down closer to the river and see a few of the pieces that are on display as part of The Peekskill Project V.  It made a gray, rainy morning wait much more enjoyable.

I’m on a podcast!

Yesterday I sat down with he very talented and fun Julie Fei-Fan Balzer to record her Podcast, “Adventures In Arting.”  I’ve known Julie for a long time — she has directed many of my plays and is the person who got me into paper crafting and scrapbooking.  I have a link to her terrific blog on my blogroll.  We talked about all kinds of things, from standing by your artistic choices to digging post holes.

about the podcast

You can hear the podcast by visiting

Please leave your comments here or on Julie’s page.  Thanks for listening!