Green Thumb Dreams

We cleaned out the yard this past  weekend… continuing to learn as we go.

The final haul of our poor little vegetable garden:


Poor little eggplants! A few straggler tomatoes, not even enough jalapeños for a decent salsa!  The summer was dry,  and we didn’t water enough. We also had some critters steal all the good stuff…


(Hi, there,  Promising Little Baby Cucumber That Got Totally Eaten By a Nasty Raccoon )

…so  we resolved to fence things in next year and be better at the whole “tending” thing.

But on to things we’re actually growing..


When we had a tree fall in the yard a couple summers ago, I thought this poor little guy was a goner (a laurel? I will look it up,  I swear! ). You can see the middle part that was crushed, and the right side has always been ok.  But that little bit on the left is what’s exciting to me… New growth! It’s a theme I’m embracing around here these days.  My brother-in-law helped dig it out last weekend,  and we re-planted it along the border of the yard (by “we”  I mean “my brother-in-law”). Per his wise advice,  we watered it hard for two days and I’m hopeful for its full recovery. Its removal was part of the weekend side yard clean out, and with all the green leaves sprouting out the side, I think we’re in for a good spring with this one.  Stay tuned.


Now here we have a photo I like —  I’m trying to work on my photography skills (in addition to trying to keep track of the work we’re doing), using all the modes and filters available to a modem gal with a fairly new phone.  On the left,  we have an excellent example of the weedy wildflowers I have encouraged to grow all season.  Along the borders of the yard,  I decided to completely let things do what they want —  it’s going to be a while before we can afford the fencing we’d like to put in, so I’m letting go and letting nature take its course in these places. This has worked out for the most part (wildflowers), but has also spectacularly backfired in a few places, as well.  For example, I’m pretty certain the plant on the right is poison ivy. And there is PLENTY of it along said border. So it’s a fun challenge to prune things back while trying not to touch a large percentage of what’s in there. The first summer we were here,  I unknowingly embraced the poison ivy,  and that did not turn out well. Lesson learned.

And finally…


The Thorny Berry I-Haye-Ums!

That may not be their scientific name,  but without resorting to a few choice Jersey Girl  words not fit for print,  that’s what I call them.

This is another plant I’ve let grow where it pleases, and these thorny bushes are all over the yard. They seem to spread in direct proportion to how much I dislike  them.

Nonetheless, I was excited to see them all sprout way more berries than they did last year.

Until my boss told me that was a sure sign that it’s going to be a terrible winter.

So… yay?


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