Benches for which I can take no credit (Part II)

A while back, I started this fun series about benches Chris makes.  And, you guys, I haven’t even posted the amazing bench he made for the kitchen that ALSO holds books and magazines and I here I am posting about a whole other set of benches.  Can you stand it?!?  Wild, wild stuff.  But wait … there’s more …

So Chris keeps getting better and better at the woodworking stuff – -a hobby SO much better suited to life in the suburbs than life in a teeny railroad apartment in Manhattan. That was getting rough.  First it was cute, then it was comical, then it was rough, then we moved.  So, here I am, in Peekskill, with a husband who now has a basement full of saws and I say things like — “Hey, I saw this on Pinterest, isn’t it cool?”

Picnic table with drink chiller


And next thing I know he’s making one.  It’s almost done — big reveal to come …

But today, I helped!  I was only allowed to help with the bottom of the benches part.  But, still — I totally helped. I’m not taking it personally.  The bottom of the benches is a very important part.

I sanded!  I haven’t used the electric sander in a long time and it is my new bff.  AND i learned to stain!  Why was I so afraid of staining?!?  It’s so much easier than I thought!  Why did I think staining was complicated?  Well, my eyes were opened and my mind was changed.  Check it out!




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