Most Improved Laundry Area

Our house came with a washer and dryer in the basement.  We are a couple who lived for the previous 12 or so years together without laundry in our BUILDING (8 of which there wasn’t laundry on our BLOCK and we were in a third floor walkup) so this was a pretty major upgrade.  I’ve been so thrilled about having laundry in the building for the past (almost) two years that I have completely ignored the way it looked.  Well, not ignored – it would be impossible to ignore.  Blocked out a little.  Rationalized.  And since  I now do a lot of the laundry —

*my husband and I had a deal when we lived in the city because his clothes are really big and really heavy and it was a third floor walkup and the good laundromat wasn’t even on our block and “good” is actually pretty strong because it was still pretty cracked out and one of the only good things about it was that it was next to our favorite neighborhood bar, where we would go have a beer while our underwear burned up in an industrial fire-hazard-ish dryer and vaguely homelessish people would hover, really HOVER around the machines — so the deal was that basically, I didn’t do the laundry.  He had to do the laundry.  He also hates the way I fold, so I mostly got out of that, as well.  But that went on for a long time, so when we moved into the house, me doing most of the laundry became part of the deal.  I’m still not a very good folder, so that can be an issue, but mostly we’ve worked it out)

— I had a method that was — sort things in piles as fast as you can, in fact– just do everything as fast as you can and get out of there — laundry in, laundry out, laundry in, go, go, go!! — because it’s kind of dank and dark and a little creepy and I could have rented it out as a set for a student film maker’s senior thesis on horror.  The bare light bulb added to the dismal atmosphere and — true story– even after Chris broke the light bulb with his forehead (he’s really tall), we did not fix the area up.  We talked about it a little, but generally just threw clothes around and ran back up the stairs.

So, last weekend, Chris was like– let’s just fix this. So, we did!  I got the curtain hemmed and hung today, and am pretty thrilled with the before and after on this one… Happy snow day!

I love it!  And the total cost was around $225.  The subfloor from Home Depot and the leveling compound was about $125, and the rug was $96 with free shipping from  The paint was all the dribs and drabs of samples I had leftover from various other rooms, the fabric that makes up the back curtain cost me $1 at a summer block sale years ago in the city and Chris made the shelves out of wood he had in the shop.  I give this area the LLAA (Larsen Laundry Area Award) — but Chris doesn’t think that name will catch on ….

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