What’s Wrong With My Plant?

This poor little guy is giving me grief.  When my friend bequeathed this plant to me, it had tons of healthy, shiny, pink-speckled leaves.  That was … last spring?  Now, it looks like this:

I’ve given it more water, less water, more light, less light, and I just moved it to that spot by the porch door, where it will be cooler and less dry than where it was before.  I fed all my plants Miracle Gro about 6 weeks ago …  And I have other plants that are doing really well!

These are mostly other plants bequeathed from same aforementioned pithy friend.  His advice? —

I don’t know.  Try some plant food.  If that doesn’t work and it is fated to die, then you can’t intrude on God’s Plan.

Less water.  If that doesn’t work, then more water.

More light.  If that doesn’t work, then less light.

Give it time.  Sometimes they bounce back of their own accord.

Was this one outdoors?  I think it was.  The inside of your house may be too hot and too dry.  I think I would move this one out.  If I recall correctly, it is like a rhodendron and keeps its green leaves all winter.  It may be preparing to surprise you come spring.  Don’t you have an enclosed porch that is still unheated? That might be a good place for it.

But maybe the best thing to do is take your photo to a nursery or florist.  Ask them WTF kind of plant this is and what is the ideal environment for it.

Good luck with the plant.  Well, actually, good luck with everything.

I thought this was just generally good advice for life, so I wanted to share it with a wider audience.

This post also gives me an excuse to re-post a “before” picture of the plant-filled room above, because the before pictures help me stop to appreciate how far we’ve come.  Sometimes it feels like slow going, sometimes life intrudes, sometimes your best laid plans get kicked around a little.  I also tend towards impatience, I always feel like I should be doing MORE, there are SO MANY PROJECTS TO DO!   So stopping for a sec to admire your accomplishments is nice.  Well, that and a glass of wine.

during the November, 2011 walk through of the house.  That light!  Those windows!

during the November, 2011 walk through of the house. That light! Those windows!

Seriously, if anyone has any idea about what’s wrong with my plant, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  There is green stuff sprouting in the middle of the top of the stalks, which has me hopeful that it’s only suffering some winter doldrums.  Like the rest of us!  I’m starting to get excited about spring, planting, painting the porch and planting a garden.


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