Bathroom Trim

Not the most exciting of titles, but any step closer to getting the bathroom done is a good step, in my book!  Chris made trim!  The baseboards in the house are tall, so he wanted it to match.  There is a piece of quarter round at the bottom, a piece of plywood above that, and decorative trim on top.  It has all been installed, now just needs to be painted.


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Trim

  1. thats not plywood its the finest pine available that would fit in my truck, ripped down to match the height of the rest of the trim in the house. That nasty gap is filled now and is behind the radiator so no one will see it when its complete.

  2. You know. The finishing takes the longest ! Ugh I hate it! It’s looking so fab guys! Keep up the great work! I’m working on a “sleeping nook” in this Rico tiny room we have. Haha. I will be attempting to make a night table good Ol kreg jig here I come! 🙂

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