Saturday silhouettes

Spending a quiet Saturday on a long Labor Day weekend cleaning, crafting, cooking and taking it easy ahead of what is sure to be a superfuntimes night tomorrow — my boss’ wedding! I love any excuse for a party, and I especially love weddings. But, I digress ….

A couple weekends ago when we were out visiting my in-laws in eastern PA, we spent Saturday at the Warren County Antique Fair  — it was a great fair with lots of vendors.  I wouldn’t say there were tons of bargains, but there was a lot of variety and I would definitely recommend it as a worthwhile stop.

Chris spotted a small pair of silhouettes for $6, which we of course purchased for my burgeoning collection.  I found some miniature scenes on eBay last week, and we finally got everybody hung up last night!


This, in turn, inspired me to paint one of my $1 AC Moore wood frames with metallic paint and add a cut-out from some scrapbooking paper that I’ve been hoarding…



As I type, I’m still letting that one dry.  But once it’s set, it will join my wall!  A forthcoming project is to try to create my own silhouettes using photographs.  Stay tuned …



(also, that’s my new chair).


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