Goodbye, Hilltop Farms


I’m sad to report that the amazing Hilltop Farms will be closing for good this weekend.  Not only is the property itself beautiful, but their plants are, by far, the best in the area and the store inside is full of interesting gift-y items like pretty soaps, hand-made jewelry and cute housewares.  Last summer, Chris from Hilltop planned and planted our front garden area, and put in five beautiful Leyland Cypress trees in our backyard.  We have shopped there many times since we moved to the area and are really sad to see it go.  To me, it’s an example of why it’s important to shop local and support businesses that make a difference in your neighborhood.  In this box-store, strip mall, soul-free Wal-Mart-Applebee’s-kinda world, unique stores keep things interesting, and I wish that the people who own them could all be rewarded with long, lucrative careers.  I hope the Hilltop fellas emerge with something new and exciting soon.


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