Weekend Update

Despite the heat, we Larsens had a super productive and really fun weekend!  We kicked things off on Friday night with an early evening showing of Monsters University with our awesome nieces.  Loved it!  Then on Saturday morning, we were lucky enough to have Chris’ dad come out from the Poconos to help us get rid of the rest of the tree laying in our yard.  And I know I’m not the best photographer, but the pictures I have of the tree really cannot capture how big the piece was that fell.  The diameter of the trunk at the bottom was probably 18″?  Maybe more?  My father-in-law thought he had a quick hour job in front of him and he’d be on his merry way.  It was more like five hours, but the fellas got it all done.  And the morning started off rainy and gray — I asked Chris what they would do if it rained all day?  “Cut the thing up in the rain, I guess” was the answer.  These Minnesota fellas sure are handy!

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Most exciting to me, I got my Roman shades completed and installed! shades1

Well, I still need to braid the cords and attach a doo-thingy to tie the cord to in order to hold them open, but that will be easy.  I won’t lay out what I did to make them — there are far better instructions out there than I could provide.  This particular style/pattern/set of  instructions came from the Singer Big Book of Sewing  .  I like basic books with lots of pictures for this stuff 🙂  They took forever, but were so worth it.  Mostly because I love them.  But also because all fabric, hardware and supplies came in well under $500, which for 3 fabric shades is unheard of.  And I have enough lining fabric left for another project.  Some patterned shades that I have liked in catalogs are as much as $600 EACH!  Since spending $1800 on my front window treatments was NOT an option, off to Mood went I.

For comparison, here is a before and after of the front entry way:

Things are coming together!

I’ve been getting tired of the stairway being a barren, empty place, so we hung up some GORGEOUS pinch-pleated drapes my fabulous friend Julie made.  She was upgrading her bedroom look and I was the lucky recipient of these beautiful things!  Seriously, if I had endless vacation time, I would go down to Louisiana where she lives and move in for a week and make her teach me how to sew like she sews.  It’s like … magical.   I had to hem them, as I don’t have 9 foot plantation windows to cover, and though I kinda butchered the hems when compared with the original, you can’t really see the bottom of them and they serve the purpose.

We also got some of our Steve Keene’s hung up and a newly re-potted plant (see below) ties the whole little area together.

Something snapped this weekend (maybe heat-related?!?) and I got so tired of not having things on the walls, not having little areas finished that we just tore through some stuff.  I have been saying — “oh, I will do this after THAT because if I do it before it might get messed up while I do THAT” and then I realized that we will NEVER be done, so might as well start making things cozy!

One of my last chores on Sunday evening was to re-pot some plants.  I like this picture because this is not something I ever could have set up in our NYC apartment.  And I like it also because my wine glass is in it, and I believe that most housework goes much better with wine.


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One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Wow….the shades are absolutely stunning!! Set against the green,they are really breathtaking! Everything else looks great too! Such attention to detail! Wish I had a tenth of your style,ambition,talent, and passion! Gorgeous!!!

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