A little work after work


It’s kind of hard to tell how much tree has been dragged to the curb this evening, because all the big stuff is underneath all the leaves. But lemme tell ya, it was a hoot. The one great thing was that it was really hot & humid. The bugs were spectacular. And it has rained a few times since Chris and our friend Eric made nice piles of branches in the yard, so the leaves that weren’t dry and eye pokey were wet and slimy and smelled like swamp.


Eric, as seen on the Fourth of July


So the city will hopefully pick that all up tomorrow. Not Eric, of course. The tree.


I guess it’s been good exercise. And if there are any budding young dermatologists out there who want to try to identify the various rashes I’m developing on my legs, arms and shoulders, just leave me a message in the comments!

Here is a picture of the pretty hydrangeas in the front yard to end on a cheery note. And to keep myself from yammering on about the damn baby birds.



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