they grow up so fast….


It’s been hard to get a good photo of the baby birds, with the fire escape all smashed and branches all around, but the three who are there are thriving.  We lost one somewhere along the way — not sure if that was a natural selection thing or a tree-falling-related thing, but I think I’ve been VERY brave in accepting it and moving on 🙂

The little guys even seem to be getting ready to take a little flight.  The mom sits on the roof next door and tweets at them (140 characters or less) and they ruffle their feathers and scoot around the nest.  So cute!  They are really getting big and seem very happy and active.  They should be around another 2 weeks, and though I’m tempted to try to clear up their little platform, I think I will leave well enough alone.  Besides, we have enough to do with tree clean up and chores.


One thought on “they grow up so fast….

  1. Awww…sorry one disappeared,but 3 0uta 4 ain’t bad! It’s amazing they did so well! Pretty soon they’ll be flying away,so prepare yourself for empty nest syndrome!

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