mamma robin is busy …

Chris got up this morning and there was an egg in the nest!  When I checked it out a little later, I got the real stink-eye from Mamma Bird …

get outta here!  I'm busy!

get outta here! I’m busy!

I went back later today, and Mamma had plopped out another egg.


According to my “research,” robins sit on their eggs for 12-14 days, depending on how warm it is.  The eggs are blue because of something in the mother’s blood and may help camoflage the eggs in a tree.  I’m hoping they aren’t too exposed sitting out there on the fire escape.  Apparently squirrels, bluejays and other critters will steal the eggs.  Oh, nature, don’t you break my heart!

I also learned the Tiffany & Co. trademarked the name “robin’s egg blue.”  Really, Tiffany?!?  That seems extreme.


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