Crafty Tale #7: Stenciling a pot

In addition to attempting to not kill all my plants, I’m also trying to get in some plant-related craft projects.  On a rainy day off, I took this plain terra cotta pot:


and turned it into this:

First I sprayed the pot with a little acrylic sealer.  Then I coated it with two coats of white paint (I have TONS of paint samples left from when we were testing/ buying paint for the interior and I’m trying to put them to good use!).  I let that dry overnight and then I stenciled in the design.  The stencils are Martha Stewart brand and the paint is Sherwin Williams.  One thing I have definitely learned as I am trying to become a better (neater!) stencil-er, is to use the right tools and use VERY LITTLE PAINT!  I got some little stencil daubers– they are like lipstick tubes with sponges at the end and they work beautifully.  Once it all dried, I sprayed the whole thing again with a little acrylic and the pot was done!

In my “I’m still learning to properly care for plants” file, I have noted that snapdragons (the light yellow flowers) are lovely and marigolds (the dying, shriveled up orange flower) hate me.

Here’s a photo of the pot in its place!  The plants on the steps are NOT cabbage, they are Gerbera daisies that I’m hoping will re-bloom.  If they do, you can be SURE there will be photos!


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