Happy June!

Fact:  I’m a person who has been killing house plants in various NYC apartments for almost 20 years, and now I’m learning to garden.  After the fabulous folks at  Hilltop Farms  worked some magic last spring, our front yard shrubs and backyard Leyland cypress trees are coming along nicely.  My brother-in-law has given me some plants that are taking and my mother-in-law helped me dig out a little flower bed and herb garden area in the backyard.  I’m getting better at weeding and not being afraid to move plants around, and Chris has been keeping the lawn in great shape.  So things are greening up around the old place!

I have so many projects to catch up with on the blog!  While the bathroom is still on hold (but not for much longer), Chris has been finishing the lattice and I have been attempting some new craft projects (stenciling, anyone?!?  Still remains far messier than it looks!)  Stay tuned for photos and posts.  I’m working on it!  In the mean time, here’s a picture of the place from this morning– quite possibly the nicest day yet of 2013 — perfect blue skies, zero humidity, temperature in the ’70’s.  The lighting here may not be great (half the front is in shadow…) but I like this pic nonetheless.


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