Spring Celebrations

Spring has FINALLY hit us here on the East Coast!  On this first sunny, warm, lovely day of the season, I thought I’d catch up a little on my postings.  As a firm believer in “all work and no play” making the Larsens a dull couple, we have been taking some time out to enjoy our friends and family and the latest holidays.

The Apples joined us for an amazing Easter feast (and since they did all the cooking, it was delicious AND easy-peaesy for me!!)  I also don’t think I ever properly showcased our amazing dining room table ….


This was a huge door that was in the basement.  Chris cut off a small section of the bottom to even it out, sanded and waxed it and added legs.  The legs ran us about $25 each, so all-in-all, we have a huge, lovely table for a total cost of less than $150 + elbow grease.

Some other photos from Easter … (my favorite eating holiday ….)

Of course, before Easter, we have CHRIS’ BIRTHDAY!  (Some people call it St. Patrick’s Day, but we at the Larsen household know better….)  Just another excuse for a fun party with some family and friends …..

Happy Spring, everyone!!


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