Meet my current nemesis


How could something be so beautiful and so horrible at the same time, you ask?  BEIGE PAINT, I answer!!!

Now, I LOVE this radiator.  It stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw the house– I’d never seen anything like it.  It sits on the wall in the little stairway that comes out of the kitchen and goes into the main room/ or upstairs to the second floor.  The heat it throw is heavenly and the design is stunning, if you ask me.  However, it has been covered (like most of the interior of the house) in many layers of paint, the top layer of which is (as Chris calls it) wet-cardboard brown.  I decided a couple weeks ago that the green in the entryway will extend through this little hallway — right now it’s a dim and dirty pass-through into the kitchen and I want it to be a bright, fun, pretty space.  Besides figuring out the lighting, painting the walls and fixing the step, this monstrosity is desperate for a stripping.

Um, of course, I decided to just jump in and start at the top.  When will I learn to “test a small spot in a discrete area” of whatever I’m doing?!  Never, apparently.  Nope.  Just jump right in and make a mess in the most noticeable part of whatever you’re working on!  Great!

So I don’t have a photo of the radiator before I started, but this one is pretty close.  I’m sure this project will take me all of January, at least.  Under the beige is white, then yellow, then green paint.  (Yes, in another weird instance of this house telling us what it wants, the front room and hallway were apparently green at one point)  Under all that is gorgeous metal with nice details.  I may or may not be able to get all the paint off– we will see.  I may or may not repaint it– we will see.  It depends on if it looks industrial-cool or just sloppy when it’s all stripped.  Which, as I said, will probably take until the end of forever.  But don’t worry– I’ll keep you posted!

What does one use to tackle such a project, you ask?  Why, that’s easy — EVERYTHING!

IMG_0023A mask for the fumes and lead paint protection, Zip Strip in a cup with a paint brush, 3 different scrapers, a wire brush, sandpaper, a headlamp, a rag and pink work gloves (‘natch!).  And last night, while trying to fall asleep and thinking of my radiator, I suddenly thought… BUTTER KNIFE!  So I’m going to take an old butter knife and see if I can get into some of those round thingees (technical term) and continue the project known as BANISH THE BEIGE ….

If anyone has any experience with this kind of paint stripping, please….. any advice is welcome!


3 thoughts on “Meet my current nemesis

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  2. Our entire house – every surface that could be painted and some that really shouldn’t have been – was painted ‘life sucking beige’. The real estate agent who fixed up the house also, kindly, chose a carpet to match, which meat 4 walls, a ceiling and floor in life sucking beige. There are still a few spots here and there, but mostly we have banished it. Beige should not be allowed anywhere IMO!

    • This comment makes me so happy!! At least the floors weren’t beige here– that might have tipped me over the edge!! Life sucking beige is exactly the tone– it was so… beige. A friend of ours said it looked like the inside of a mouth 🙂 Eeew. And true. We have just about banished all the beige– a few places left that we are getting to slowly but surely. The radiator has also come along a little further than these photos– but I have to wait for this winter to be over to attack it again. Which leads to the question …. will this winter EVER be over?!?

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