Weekend Update: Raccoons & Pocket Doors

With our car in the shop, we were forced to stay home this weekend and keep plugging away at projects.  Chris got the porch cleaned up of the wood and tools that he and Kurt were using– looks WAY less Sanford & Son up in our parts.  I worked on starting to strip the pocket doors that separate the entry way and dining room.  I also started on the window frames.

view from the dining room out into the entry way. That white paint is getting STRIPPED!

other side of the door with some paint off … This is a long process, people!

While I worked on stripping paint, Chris discovered a  hole in the shed that a raccoon (or beaver?) had eaten through.  We’ve seen paw prints on the grill and other…. evidence that some raccoons were happily sleeping in the rafters.  The rafters are now covered with chicken wire and this entry way has been permanently blocked!

Yup. Those are chew-marks….

But the weather was amazing and the leaves are looking lovely.  Here is our view from the train station ….

And how was your weekend?

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