Crafty Tale #3/ Lamp Makeover #2

We interrupt all this roofing talk (oh, but don’t worry, there will soon be more!) to bring you this tale of a bargain lamp, a new technique attempt and a (mostly) happy final result.  And now, I bring you another lamp story ….
I found this lamp at Pier 1, marked down to $27 from $60 and sold “as is.”  I made sure it worked and asked someone working there why it was marked down.

cute little lamp, right?

I was told that it was marked down because the shade was so stained.

I don’t think that’s SO stained, but I also like a bargain ….

I decided to attempt stenciling, which I am very inexperienced with.  This is really only the third thing I’ve ever stenciled, and the other two were flat.  So armed with some Martha Steward craft paint in colors I thought would go with my new pillows (see my “Thank you, Antonia” post), I got to work.

metallic silver and pearl yellow

on the instruction sheet, they didn’t cut the stencils apart, but I really saw no other way to tackle this ….

I mostly wanted to paint over that stain with silver, which I did.  I eyeballed the spacing of the stencils, so they are a little off and on weird angles, but overall, I’m happy with the result.  And, as discussed yesterday on a podcast with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (to be posted shortly) — artistic mistakes will happen.  I can always buy a new lampshade, and now I basically know how to stencil!  What do you think?

the finished product!


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