Stripping, Sanding, Painting …

The downstairs living room, alternately known to us as “the fireplace room” (though the fireplace doesn’t work … yet …) is on your right as you enter the front door of the house.  We thought we’d spruce it up, paint and clean it and set up our couch and a TV down there.  Cut to two months and hours & hours of work later and the woodwork is done!

I love the stain against the new grey paint.  I love the mantle and all of its detail.  And I super love my hard-working husband who did the vast majority of the stripping, sanding, steel-wooling, staining and painting.

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One thought on “Stripping, Sanding, Painting …

  1. Everything looks so lovely. You guys are doing great! We are doing similar work I’ve had my fill of ripping down paneling (fake) and plaster. I with I had the energy to blog about it. Maybe soon. Keep up the good work! x

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