The Weird Wood Room

The house has a weird wood room between the kitchen and the dining room.  Maybe some sort of pantry back in the day?  Here it is on the day of our first walk through of the house:


We saw past the Christmas wreath and gross floor.  But we still didn’t know what the room was or what we’d use it for.

We did have our first meal out there ….


Yup. KFC, diet Coke and wine. Unpacking fuel!
February 29, 2012

Last night, I unpacked some of my cookbooks onto my newly spray-painted bookshelf (you may recognize the spray paint color from such projects as the lamp makeover), ironed a tablecloth, stacked up the wine rack and put up a curtain.  It truly is the little things…..


Why, yes, that is my Elvis plate collection!  Thanks for asking!

So, the room certainly isn’t done, but it’s getting closer.


2 thoughts on “The Weird Wood Room

  1. Have you thought of painting the wood or is it too nice to paint? You might see if the original floor plans (perhaps it was a kit house or the original owner bought the plans) are available, then you could tell what the room originally was. Breakfast room, perhaps?

    • Hey, thanks! Yes, it is a breakfast nook and we love it wood — the wood is nice and in great shape. We definitely will not paint it, but I am working on organizing it better — my husband uses it as an “office” when it’s not too cold (we have to fix the radiator in there too!) and it tends to collect . guy stuff. There is loose change and home depot receipts and baseball hats and miscellaneous pieces of hardware strewn about. When we do the dining room, we will also replace the ceiling tiles. For now … I love that my Elvis plates have a home and I think the room is a cute little spot that hasn’t yet found its full potential…

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