Crafty Tale #1: Lamp Makeover

To hold me over until I have some real news to report (hint …. it has to do with sanded wood that’s getting stained, a fireplace and an entire ROOM about to magically come together! … in the next few weeks …) I’d like to tell a crafty tale….

There was some weird stuff left in the house when we moved in.  Like, dumpsters full of weird stuff.   Don’t get me wrong– there was some GREAT stuff (a piano, old trunks, a set of very deco-looking dishes) … but lots of weird stuff.  Like old, yucky lamps.

Behold — a dirty, old lamp!

So, this lamp is pretty ugly, right?  It’s also cheap (weighs nothing) and the shade is busted stuff.  BUT, it worked (and when we first moved in, we had no light anywhere!) and I liked the shape of it.  I had also just read an article about the magic of spray paint….

Blue! Because I thought they might work on our bedside tables in our blue bedroom. Well, someday our bedroom will be blue.

I added a crisp, white shade from Bed, Bath & Beyond (I think it was around $24.99, something like that) and behold!  New lamp!  What do you think?

posing by the turntable while waiting for the bedroom makeover …


3 thoughts on “Crafty Tale #1: Lamp Makeover

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